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"How I Turned Around My Computer Repair Business"

We all know how the big boys do their marketing. Business-to-business relationship marketing it is called. They form a relationship with their clients and go wining and dining with them.

Some even offer benefits like watching sport with their customers in corporate boxes. It's a very cozy arrangement ....and it works!

Let me explain why this relationship works. It's really about the law of reciprocation. The supply company is giving the corporate client, who is also a decision maker, glamorous benefits.

Let's face it, it is exciting to be rich and famous for an afternoon, sitting with friends in a corporate box being wined and dined and watching sport ....and it's all for free!!

Can you imagine the corporate decision maker shopping with any other company after accepting all those wonderful benefits?

The client is emotionally obliged to purchase from his buddies at the supply company who invite him to the football or tennis.

By spending a few hundred dollars on a client the corporation may get hundreds of thousands of dollars (or millions) worth of business.

This is what I call good business. It is one of the laws of nature or just plain human nature, from whom you receive you always give back.

We small computer business owners are not in a position to offer our customers these sorts of classy benefits. We haven't the time or money.

So how do we get into this lucrative business-to-business relationship marketing?

Your business really depends upon your "Circle of Influence." This really is how many people you know. Conversely, how many people know of you or your business?

If you are a mayor of a local town or city and run a business ....this would be very beneficial to you. Your "Circle of Influence" would be extensive.

Unfortunately, if you are working away in your business may not get noticed enough. To get the phone ringing you resort to advertising.

This is an expensive way of extending your "Circle of Influence". Let's face it, most marketing costs big money! This burden can destroy your happiness and lifestyle.

So how does the little guy get big in a hurry, at low cost? The famous Australian author Neville Shute wrote a fascinating book called, "Trustee from the Tool Room". It's about a little guy who works in a mundane job. He doesn't socialize often or know many people.

In his spare time he writes articles for a well-known international hobby magazine. Suddenly there is an upset in his life and he has to travel abroad. He is astounded to find he is famous in his particular field. This is all through the articles he wrote in the magazine.

What is amazing about this story is that the little guy has a quiet private life but is a celebrity in his hobby magazine. He is like a rock star in a closet. Just imagine if he wrote a book or started selling articles through the magazine ...he would be a millionaire overnight.

The point I am trying to make is that you don't have to be the city mayor to get well known ...but you do need an effective strategy extend your "Circle of Influence".

That is what my "Cash Generator" is all about ...a low cost way of regularly interacting with your customers. For myself, it has worked very very well.

Today the fastest growing segment in the computer industry is small business. Even the big companies like Cisco and 3Com are wooing this business.

Small business owners desperately need reliable partners who can supply and support their information technology needs.

A few years ago small business used computers as word processors. Now it is not uncommon for the whole business to be dependant on the computer.

Small business owner's to-day require trusted and known computer business partners to support their I.T. needs.

So how does a small computer business owner get to know the right people? You being a small computer business owner have a huge advantage because you have something in common with other small business proprietors.

Getting to these people in an organized planned approach is the key. It's called "Affinity Marketing."

Therefore, your challenge is to form a relationship with these small business owners and be a preferred supplier to them. Even in small towns computer shops have plenty of competition from the direct on-line vendors and city stores.

I believe I can help you get to this target market at low cost.

It doesn't involve cold calling, begging for referrals or any time consuming networking. There is no need to hang out in clubs or bars looking for business or act like a nuisance life insurance salesperson.

What I have developed over the last six years is a method of keeping in contact with my past, present and future customers on a regular basis.

My cash generator gives you a pleasant way to do something you probably avoid like the plague, actively soliciting new business and acting like a pesky salesperson.

I bet if I followed you around for a week, I would not find you dialing the telephone to cold call, happily knocking on doors or aggressively doing much else to get new customers. Be honest - admit it!

You know in your private life you have to keep in contact with friends ...or otherwise you lose them. This even applies to relatives. It's the same with a business relationship.

The problem is how to keep in regular contact with your business customers? What you need is a system to keep in contact your past, present and future customers.

My method of marketing gives you this system. Try and contact your customers any other way and the contact is forced or embarrassing. My way cuts out this awkwardness and red faces.

The hardest and the most expensive thing in marketing is acquiring new customers. Alternatively, the most profitable thing in marketing is to have a customer and continue to sell stuff to them.

Initially one of my huge challenges was acquiring the know-how to gain new customers at low cost and learn how to ride out the seasonal downturns.

The cash generator was a result of many years of frustration and learning. Now I am offering it to you.

Unfortunately, there is no sales rep for direct marketing. You have to learn it yourself the hard way trial and error.

Marketing is an art not a science so it takes years to learn how to paint a pretty picture.

I am giving you the opportunity to legally steal my work so that you can go directly to your customers and put money in your bank account.

What I am offering you is a no-brainer, paint-by-numbers, ready-to-use, prefab, instant action marketing system for your shop or business.

I keep in contact with customers through my free monthly newsletter Business Computing. (My cash generator.)This is delivered through email, snail mail and web display.

Using a proven marketing system one way a subscriber can economically launch a new service. If you have a computer business and want to introduce a new product ...the newsletter is a brilliant low cost method. You will have an exclusive on your opposition.

I have been in the computer repair business for twenty years. I am now offering to pass on my technical knowledge in an easy relaxed way. Your customers will benefit from the information in plain every day English.

My articles are all fully researched and developed from being at the front-line of computer support in pressure situations.

You are probably thinking come a tech knows about marketing? It hasn't been easy and it has cost me dearly. Being independent and in control is what small business is all about, we are all masters of our ship making all the decisions ...not bowing and scraping to the boss or corporations.

Working with small business owners has been very satisfying and profitable for me, now you too can easily tap into this lucrative market.

The articles in Business Computing are not hypothetical rubbish stolen from glossy PC mags. You know what sort of lightweight theory professional journalists dish up.

Compare my stuff to what you get in the local and international magazines, my style is simple, easy to digest and has a ring of truth.

Most business people cannot and will not approach their business and marketing needs with this kind of organized, disciplined manner, so you instantly gain that competitive edge.

I want you to know that you can look forward to growing your business and getting bigger. By easily merging this system into your business, it will make you work smarter not harder.

to Business Computing now!

Being in business can be isolating with no one to offer you support. This way it's like belonging to an organization with a marketing department.

By using a planned integrated approach to your marketing, you will gain the benefits of belonging to a franchise ....without the gouging costs!

Whether your shop or business is in the city or outback ....every month you get the bait to hook tons of new business.

One concern you may have, is reliability? How reliable is this guy? Will I get my marketing tool on time every month? What happens if he is sick? I have been supporting customer's computers systems for twenty years.

Some of that time I was on my own supporting classified ad systems for newspapers. These guys need reliable support as they publish most days. In addition, I have back editions of Business Computing I can get to you on time.

You will need to modify my newsletter a little to suit your own computer business. This is very easy to do as I send out my newsletter by email in Word format. Just delete my details and add your own company details and advertising.

You will be thinking that my method of marketing is great for existing customers but what about future subscribers? How do I market to them? The best way to obtain new clients is to use my Midas Mailer.

"Midas Mailer," you say? The MM is a flyer I use in several different distribution channels. With this document you have in your hands a low cost method of generating new customers at will.

You will be able to easily expand your "Circle of Influence" and keep in contact with new and existing customers every month.

Just remember also the Law of Reciprocation. You are dishing out to your people good information ...for free!!

Every month you are actively sending out the potential for new business. Confound and bewilder your competitors by using this powerful principle for your business.

It's also a valid method to keep in contact with all persons purchasing from your shop or business. They can be politely asked if they would like to join your Inner Circle and receive a free subscription to Business Computing. This could be called your preferred customer list.

The most valuable business asset you can own an up-to-date customer database. Your database needs to be updated and lovingly cared for in a professional manner. A well written newsletter is a low cost caregiver.

The newsletter will make great content for your web site. It gives you the perfect opportunity to email your customers every month.

Now, you will have valuable info for your customers encourage browsing on your web site and notice your advertising. You can easily copy and paste the articles or otherwise publish in PDF format.

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These testimonials are genuine and can be located under the eBay profile of: 4computertechs

How do you get in on my, low-cost-money-making-corporate-style-marketing-bandwagon?

to Business Computing now!

My cash generator is not for everyone, as it is not an off the shelf product.

I'm not here to take your money and run if you get lousy results. I'm here to support, enhance and add to your business endeavors. I would also love to hear from you on a regular basis.

I would be flattered if you joined with me in a business partnership with no hooks or fine print. My exclusive marketing method is a proven system and really works!! Let's get the ball rolling and get money into your bank account.

Kind Regards

Joe Ley
Editor Business Computing

PS: I will include several bonuses with your first subscription of all editions. In fact, what you are getting is a complete marketing kit!!

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