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The Golden Geek:

Surefire strategies for new and existing computer technicians, computer stores and computer maintenance companies.

Hi there

I started in the business of repairing computers in the 1980's. It was real easy startup as I had it handed to me on a plate.

The boss closed down the sales department and asked me as the service technician if I would like to take over the computer service contracts.

He wanted to make an elegant exit from the ailing business without tarnishing his name or upsetting the existing customers. I temporarily hesitated and then with trembling hands grabbed the opportunity.

In hindsight, thankfully I made the right decision. We were involved in a specialist market supplying and supporting classified advertising systems to small newspapers.

Instantly, I was on my own and the director of a service company earning twice as much money.

My customers were mainly newspaper proprietors in small towns. But as you know computers age very quickly and I was not in a position to supply these people with new replacement equipment.

These systems cost big money and I could not compete with my competitors who had a full time sales force.

I had to develop another form of income - fast, real fast as the contracts were expiring and time was running out.

So what I did was start a Commodore Service Center repairing Commodore computers. Remember the Amiga computer?

The year of the Amiga was in 1989 and from there on things went downhill. Commodore's policy stated, "Our computers are so good, they sell themselves." Yeah right!

They went bust in 1993 or thereabouts. So over the years I have had to constantly market my business in new and innovative ways. In fact, today I am still working out new ways to attract new customers at low cost.

The Golden Geek report is a culmination of ideas and strategies that I have used over the last twenty years in repairing computers.

Along the way I came across a small business marketing guru from Phoenix by the name of Dan Kennedy. Spending money on his ideas is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

It gave me tremendous confidence for the future of the business. He suggested I start a newsletter to keep in contact with my customers.

In 1995 I started writing a newsletter and today I am still writing the newsletter for myself and subscribers all around the world.

Now other business owners in the computer industry use my newsletter to promote their goods and services and to keep in contact with their clients.

In 2006 I first released the "Golden Geek." It is a manual for advertising and marketing a computer repair business. It has proven to be popular and I am "over-the-moon" on how many people have started to embrace these ideas.

If you take the ideas of a great marketing man like Uncle Dan and channel them into a slim market segment such as computer repairs, you get huge strength and power in your promotion.

It is just like tilting Lake Michigan and funneling the spill it into a constricted downhill waterway. You create a terrific force when you have vast reservoir of ideas channeled into a narrow stream such as a PC repair operation.

I guarantee there is no other place on earth where you will get explicit ideas like these to jet-propel a computer maintenance business. Great ideas translate into cold hard cash.

Okay, enough about me ...lets get more specific on what you will get in the Golden Geek ...

Techniques learned in this program can be the difference between making a few extra bucks, and creating a decent lifestyle.

In many cases, if you can squeeze just a little more from your business ...a few percentage points ..without any extra effort reach what's known as a "tipping point."

Cross this "tipping point" threshold and the struggle of business fades away forever.

New areas of business are revealed. Here you find out how to convert innovative ideas into

It will turn vague and elusive thinking into a concrete blueprint for success.

In addition, the business plan introduces a new, completely overlooked equation. By integrating this tactic in your schedule will see your profits grow rapidly.

When profitability reaches an all-time high, the amount of cash you are able to "take out" of your business becomes ....many times the norm.

Find out who are your most valuable customers ...and those to avoid. Why your best clients are essentially your "brothers-in-arms."

The plan is not about technical know-how ...because on the Internet you will find masses of information on the subject. It is about getting extra dollars into your pocket.

You will find many training courses and books on the Internet about repairing computers, but you will never find a definitive plan to generate profits.

Discover all the secrets needed to become a gilded technician in the computer repair business.

Subjects covered in the plan include:

•  Markets for you to pursue: the good the bad and the most profitable.

•  The most awful reason for a customer to buy your services.

•  Strategy for getting immediate cash-in-your-bank.

•  How to skillfully advertise and market your service.

•  How to easily sell service contracts for an everlasting cash flow.

•  The most overlooked simple marketing device.

•  Earning a passive income while you are working or asleep in bed. This is about earning dollars without any effort at all, just because you are the right person the right place the right time.

•  How to generate a "snowball" of new customers.

•  How to always keep your customers goodwill (no matter what!)

•  The double whammy profit center, you have probably completely overlooked. When opportunity knocks don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

•  Protecting yourself against misadventure.

•  How to grasp and exploit the low cost online opportunities that have emerged recently.

•  Why you could align yourself to another computer company working with the same customers and using the, "same but different" principle.

•  How to project an extremely low cost shop front and billboard combined.

•  How you can sell computer equipment at top dollar without competing with the low cost merchants.

•  Predicting the future a personal vision (from 23 years in the business)

•  Finally, there is a hot tip that will immediately give you a cash advantage in the small business market.

•  46 pages of letter/A4 size in PDF.

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